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Toros' story

Toros' story

My son Toros has suffered a head injury when he was 2 ½. He also was diagnosed with Autism when he was 4 years old and ever since we have tried many different therapies as well as vitamins and herbal supplements. By the time he turned 6, my main concerns remained opened – my child’s severe speech delay, low memory and focus. When he learned a new word or a phrase, clearly pronouncing it, a few days later he would stop using it or even understanding, as if it never existed in his vocabulary. He had challenges focusing on verbal directions and actually carrying out the directions, he was not able to concentrate on any activity, especially writing or coloring, for longer than half a minute, and was not able to memorize a story sequence even with the pictures prompts.

At that time I heard about hyperbaric therapy from a friend. I made my own research, and, as most of the parents at first, I was still a little skeptical about it taking as well in consideration the cost of hyperbaric sessions. However, now I only regret that I was hesitating for so long – the results were amazing! We began therapy during summer vacations and completed 40 sessions. After the first three weeks we noticed significant improvements! My son became less distracted and more focused. On one of the days, he brought me a book and said: “Mommy, I want reading!” I felt tears in my eyes, tears of inexpressible happiness! I was shocked to hear my child say a whole phrase independently, and I was even more amazed from his request to read to him. He never had patience, but that day he sat down and listened through the book, occasionally pointing finger on the picture characters and naming them! Ever since that day, I began to notice many positive changes in my son’s behavior and communication. His attention spam flew up from 0 minutes to 10-15!!! He is able now to express his feeling, thoughts and requests verbally, still a bit limited, but HE DOES IT! He began to address people by their names! He learned all the letters in the alphabet and sound, he independently writes his name, as well as many simple words!

We completed 40 Hyperbaric Therapy Sessions by the end of summer, having a break from speech therapy and OT. When my son went back to school his teacher and speech therapist were amazed! Their first words to me were: “He became a completely different child! What could have possibly happen over this summer break to make such a change in your kid?” It was Hyperbaric Therapy! I know it might not work out for every kid, but IT DID for my child! I feel as if those hours in hyperbaric chamber pushed some buttons inside my kiddo to help him bring his hidden abilities up on the surface! We are ready to repeat the treatments, and I strongly recommend many of the families that I know to try hyperbaric therapy for their children. When we first started I said: “It’s not going to do any bad to my child, but what if it really helps? It worth trying!” And now, looking at the significant positive outcome and the huge progress in my son’s development, I absolutely know that it was worth every minute in Hyperbaric Chamber and every penny we paid!

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank my friend and the mother of a beautiful young boy who dedicated her life to help her son, my son and many other children to fight their illness, for introducing and referring my family to Hyperbaric Therapy!

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