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The HBOT process

First time patients often have a lot of questions before taking a “dive” (that’s what we call HBOT treatment.) Sometimes children can be a little scared and even some adults may feel nervous climbing inside for the first time.

We’ve taken every precaution to make sure your treatment is safe and relaxing and that you emerge smiling and ready for more. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect during treatment.

  • The patient sits inside our special chamber.
  • 100% pure oxygen is inhaled via a special hood – many of our younger patients say it looks like an astronaut’s helmet.
  • The air inside the chamber is slowly pressurized to allow the ears and sinuses to adjust.
  • During pressurization patients may yawn, swallow or hold their nose and blow to clear their ears – just like taking off or landing in an airplane.
  • "Dive" times vary depending on the condition treated. The patient may read, watch a movie or simply relax while in the chamber.
  • Younger patients may be accompanied by a parent who can talk with, read to or play games with their child during treatment.

For more information about what to expect during hyperbaric oxygen therapy please visit our preparing for your visit page.


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