Multiple Sclerosis Treatment at Washington Hyperbarics

HBOT and Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a central nervous system disease thought to be caused by a virus. Though the exact causes of MS are unknown, the Pacific Northwest has the highest number of MS sufferers than anywhere else in the country. Some researchers believe the condition is caused by a lack of oxygen in the body. Patients with multiple sclerosis suffer from weakness, severe pain and loss of vision caused by slowed nerve impulses. They may also experience balance problems, bladder and bowel dysfunction, restricted motion in limbs, muscle spasticity, neurological problems and extreme fatigue.

International research over the last two decades has shown that HBOT can and should be an essential component to MS treatment.

In many countries HBOT is the primary mode of treatment and is covered by medical insurance providers.

What HBOT can do

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective treatment without the common side-effects caused by pharmaceuticals. HBOT has been shown to significantly reduce pain, lessen spasticity and improve motor function as well as improve the immune system, increase energy and enhance cognitive function. Often patients are able to discontinue use of many of their medications after HBOT treatment.

How it works

HBOT increases oxygen levels in the body by up to 1000%. This creates an environment hostile to viruses and bacteria and a massive “die-off” occurs. The pressurized environment detoxifies the body by forcing out toxins, chemicals and other harmful impurities.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently cited a study of 40 chronic MS patients in which 70% of those treated experienced relief from the effects of MS after 20 treatments.

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